Wednesday, 25 August 2010

...boat trip.

This weekend our good friend Michael came to stay. We took a steamer trip across lake Windermere from Bowness to Ambleside on the Sunday.

It was Joels first boat trip and of course, like all other trips away from Oakbank, he slept through the whole thing, even when a great big spider crawled across his blanket!
The weather was great, if a little nippy on the water, so he was all wrapped up in his little hooded cardi. Alot of his clothes are still too big for him and you can just see in this picture how his hands are covered by the long knitted sleeves.
The views were great and we got to see the backs of all the really posh house which you can see set back from the main road. They had lawned gardens which came down to the side of the lake and some had boat houses and jetties.
We spotted this really cool little boat with red sails. It looked like something from Swallows and Amazons, which is set in the Lakes.

The next day it was Michaels birthday, we bought him some walking boots for when he visits us (and if we get another snowy winter!) which will mean he doesn't have to borrow my leaky old ones. I used this great wrapping paper by Alice Stevenson, isn't it lovely! I really like her choice of colours, they remind me of the colours on a typewriter ribbon or carbon paper. I used to love carbon paper when I was a child, I thought it was magic. Maybe Joel will too.

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