Wednesday, 25 August 2010

...nature walks

A couple of weeks ago (I've been sitting on these posts for some time due to the demands of motherhood) Joel saw his first caterpillar, infact he saw two in as many days! The first we think was quite possibly a Hawk Moth caterpillar, it was huge!! I made sure my finger was in the picture for scale reference.

He was making his way across the lane. Mum moved him onto a nearby plant but then on the way back he'd decided to embark on the dangerous journey once again. There must have been something really good on the other side of the lane so we decided to leave him to it.

Then the next day we saw this furry fella, again in the middle of the lane. Maybe it was some kind of annual get together or migration from one hedgerow to another?

Talking of migration imagine our surprise when we pulled back the bedroom curtains last week to see all the House Martins gathered together on the telephone wires just right next to us. It was great to see them up close and they were't one bit bothered by having their picture taken.

Whilst out on a walk with Millie we spotted all these Red Admiral butterflys on a brightly coloured bush of blooms in our neighbours garden. The whole thing was covered with them and most shared a bloom with a bee or three. What a lovely sight!

Joel is only one month old and yet he already has so many amazing things to see and do all around him.

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