Wednesday, 25 August 2010


You may remember I just managed to get Joels nursery curtains finished before he was born, the final bit of work which needed doing to his nursery, which I promised to tell you about but the day I was going to blog about it we had Joel.
We decided on a colour scheme which was fun, unisex and imaginative. A room which could grow with Joel. Using a retro scandinavian style print on two of the walls and then two different shades of green paint on the other two walls. You can see the wallpaper in these pictures of some of his toys. We don't want him to have loads of toys, rather that there were fewer better quality toys that he will play with for longer.

Here are some of his books, some of which were my books when I was small. It's so lovely that he will hear the same stories I did as a child. I wonder which will be his favourites?

The cot turned out not only to be mine when I was small but my mums, my aunties and my cousins! How amazing is that. We painted it bright orange to contrast and compliment the greens. I strung up some of the paper bunting from our baby shower as a sort of welcome to your bedroom gesture for Joels arrival at Oakbank.

I managed to track down one of those brilliant Fisher Price cot activity centres for him, he likes me spinning and squeeking the games on it for him whilst he watches me in the mirror. Soon he'll be able to do the games for himself.

Mr B's mum and dad bought us a nursing chair which rocks, along with its foot stool, which is so comfy. Oh and here are the curtains too.

On the window sill is Joels apple money box, his swiss chalet music box which plays Brahms lullaby and a little mat from Austria.

The view from his room is of the gardens and shed roofs of Oakbank. He can see Florences beans growing, Dick and Sharons washing line and our garden path which sometimes has Joey sat on it watching the wall for voles popping out!

What a lovely room for our little boy, we're sure he'll be very happy playing, sleeping and dreaming in here.

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