Wednesday, 11 August 2010

How very neighbourly.

Whilst we were in hospital, and on our return home, our neighbours have been really kind and dropped in gifts and food to help us out at this very hectic time.

Sue and Stephan from Sprint Mill brought us a loaf of artisan bread (Stephan is a baker) and have also been walking Myrtle most days for us.

An anonamous allotment grower left some new potatoes on our doorstep whilst we were still in hospital.

Mary who lives down the lane brought Joel a lovely comforter with all different bits of ribbon stitched on the edges for him to rub for comfort.

Florence gave us some meadow flowers and this rather amusingly shaped courgette from her garden.

It's a great feeling being part of a really caring small community, exactly the reason we decided not to move into town and want to raise our family here at number 5.

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  1. So lovely that your neighbours have been helping you out. Like the old days - a little community you have. x


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