Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Make our day #1

One of the most exciting aspects of our big day was getting to make and source lots of stuff for it. It's been very hard to find the time to get back into making since having Joel, sleep deprivation takes it's toll on your creativity. A project like this, with a set in stone deadline meant whatever we said we'd make, we would! Our budget was tight so whilst Etsy and Not on the High Street had tonnes of things we would have liked to have used we felt we had it in us to make up our own/ beg, borrow, or pay tupence for items much more suited to our purse. The series of Make our day postings are designed to help brides and maids to be save money, have fun and

Table dressing was really what it all came down to, as once our meal was over the entire hall was to become our dancefloor, my god it'd been years since I'd danced my socks off like that.

Table numbers were essential, I saw some similar to these on Rock N Roll Bride. They cost us £1.50 to make, yes you read that right. Here's how...
1) If you can't bear to part with any of your own then blag some old unwanted 7" singles from your friends dad.
2) Next cut appropriately sized circles out of craft papers/wrapping papers/wallpaper samples/magazines etc. (I bought two sheets of crafting paper from our local art shops 50p bin and the rest I cut from my aged collection of paper bags; I new they would come in one day) I used a circle cutter but a compass and a pair of scissors would still do a great job.

3) Stick the circles onto your singles using glue stick
4) Print your table numbers out from your selected font and cut them out, scissors will do for this job, leaving a very small edge 2mm or so (this leaves room for any error with wobbly cutting, like mine)
5) Stick numbers onto your newly covered singles.

6) I very nearly spent daft money on menu holders from a catering site as I couldn't think how to make them stand up (being quite weighty) with Mr Bs help we perfected a very simple yet sturdy holder from card. First cut a circle of card about 5 inches across. Then snip a straight line from the edge into the middle of the circle. Then (best done with a craft knife) cut a broad smiley shape on the side opposite the snip (you might have to do a bit of playing with this on some paper first to get the best shape) This is what your single will slot in so try and cut 1mm of card away at the same time so as to avoid warping the holders shape. Wrap it up into a cone shape and fix the join with tiny staples (they can take the pressure that tape can't)

So just repeat the process for each table and you'll end up with a fab, bargain priced set of numbers for your groovers and shakers to sit by.

PS- We wrote our seating plan on the venues foyer windows, using specialist glass writing pens, that way it could be altered if our guests numbers changed. Easy peasy :)

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