Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bib tutorial.

Spotted bib with mini ric rac trim- worn 'Cowboy style'
Joel is going through an especially druley stage with his teeth, he already has four with another four on their way. Poor little fella doesn't know what to with himself. Now he's sitting up all the time his tops get soaked through, even with a bib on. I found some super absorbant ones in the local baby shop but they were £10 each! So I thought I'd make him one myself, it was so easy and we got so many compliments I've made him a whole selection!

Here's how to do it (it's my first ever craft tutorial so bear with me) This is a really easy project which you can have fun with. It can be stitched by hand or machine as it's only a small project (perfect for stitching and knitting sessions in the pub!)

I managed to find some machine washable super absorbant cloths, just in the cleaning aisle at the supermarket. £1.75 for four. They MUST be machine washable or they will fall apart after just one wear. I pre shrank them by running them through with a wash before using.

I measured round Joels neck (25 cms!!) for a minimum measurement to work from. Then I cut the cloths into quarters, diagonally, so I ended up with four triangles (This was just because of the original size of the cloths, if your cloths are bigger or your babys neck is larger you may wish to adjust) measuring 37cm along the longest edge and 26cm on the two shorter sides.

Cut the fabric (pre shrunk in the wash) 1.5cm bigger than the cloth. You need two pieces the same size but not necessarily the same fabric. Place the aborbant cloth on top of the wrong side of one of the pieces of fabric and fold over the edging and press. Fold and press the turnings in on the other piece too then place them back to back with the absorbant cloth sandwiched inbetween.

I like to decorate Joels bibs with trim, it's a good excuse to make a dent in my lifetimes haberdashery collection, a contrasting colour of stitching would be just as effective if you haven't got trim to hand. It's only needed along the two shorter sides of the bib, pin in place ready to stitch.

Once it's been stitched all the way round you just need to stitch on a snap fastener. I stitched them in the corners so there is a rouched look to the bib ('Cowboy style') but if you prefer a snugger fit use your babys neck measurement as a fitting guide. Remember one half of the fastener can always be moved along as neccessary when baby grows.

Good luck and be warned, they are an addictive thing to make!

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