Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Memory Bunting

Almost a year ago now we celebrated Knit Natter Stitch and Chatters first birthday, a seven course pudding club made it a night to remember. It doubled as a maternity leaving do from the world of crafting in public too, though I didn't realise that at the time!

Anyway I remembered it again today when I finally got around to putting up the fabulous thankyou present the group made for me. Each member made a flag which reflected projects they had worked on during our meet ups, whether that be by technique, or the materials used.
This strand of Memory Bunting was the outcome, what a lovely idea!

I used these unusual birdy pegs to display the bunting for the photos

Here are some of my favourite bits.......

This piece of smocking was made by Alison at our first sessions. She always wondered what to turn it into.
Sharon crocheted this piece in Mr Bs favourite colours. Burnley!!
This beautiful fabric was used by Frances to make blinds for her new flat. I love the way she has used patchwork and beading to abstract the design.
I love the mini pom poms on this, one of Sharons flags.
The centre piece is Frances' carefully stitched sampler

A fantastic memento from a fantastic group. I'll keep this forever.

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