Friday, 24 June 2011

Up Up and away!

Three weeks ago Joel cracking crawling, he'd been commando crawling for about a month before then, last week he started pulling himself up on things. After many bumps and bangs he is now coasting around the house using handles, radiators and even Myrtle to get about.

We can see now why people say treasure the moments you have with your little ones, he is not yet a year old but already striving for independence.

Playing cups at his Grannys
Preperations are underway for his first birthday party, which he is sharing with his first friend, Rory (born just a few hours after Joel) It's more than a birthday party though, we had planned to do a naming day at six months but time just flew by and it's only now that I feel able to organise anything. So we'd like to look at this day as being a celebration of arrival, acheivement but most of all our love for our boy.

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