Friday, 24 June 2011


A long time ago I lived in Lancaster, it's not my favourite of places so I didn't stay long, one place I always wanted to visit but never got around to was Williamson Parks Butterfly House. So when Lisa and Margot suggetsed a trip out there Joel and I jumped at the chance.

It was mega mega hot in there so we had to peel off a few layers before hunting for winged treasures but just look at what we found!

Butterflys are well into their bananas
They eat them through a straw coming out of their face
Margot and Mummy counting fish in the ponds
We were lucky enough to get to see the butterflys in their cocoons. They hatch in a special cupboard and the keeper takes them out once they have had a chance to dry their wings off.
Some of them looked just like jewels, with gold spikes. They were amazing.
It was nice to cool down in the breeze when we got out, Margot and Joel had a wee chat about who had spotted the most winged beauties while Lisa and I supped Lady Grey tea in the sun. Lovely Jubbly :)

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