Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Windows of opportunity

So I thought that being at home with Joel would mean I could get lots of creative projects underway and also finish off some old ones. How wrong I was! Each morning I have great plans for that evening, thinking to myself 'as soon as Joel goes to bed I can start on that....' Truth is being a mum really is a full time job (and more!) so when the evening comes I'm reduced to being a brain dead sleep deprived zombie starting into the fridge wondering what on earth I can cobble together and call it 'tea'. So beyond that the evenings pan out with watching films, TV, (Bored To Death and The Mind of the Married Man) perusing blogs and articles whilst always keeping half and eye on the baby monitors flashing lights (perminantly thinking 'please stay asleep!')
However recently I've had more brain power and time so have got a few home projects under my belt, like....

A lovely set of full length silk curtains for the lounge windows. They are a kind of mauve colour and look very vintage. Joel loves playing peepo with them.

A blind for Joels room. It's blackout lined, we live in hope that this will have a positive effect on his wake up time!!!

The fabric I used was some which I bought in France years ago, little people in green with orange hair (perfect for Joels room). Cute or what!

Of course no sewing project would be complete without the 'help' of Joey the wonder cat. Here he is demonstrating a scale reference for the pattern, what would I do without him?

Transformed our bathroom with a new blind (aswell as a mirror and a cupboard, which used to be in the old kitchen, and a bright pink shower curtain, Mr B was gobsmacked) This fabric is a really great heavy weight canvas in sage green with a stunning bright pink screen print of a rambling rose.

Currently I'm on with two blinds for the kitchen windows made from Dandelions by Sanderson (I got at a snip of the price from my favourite factory shop)

I'll show you them when they are done. Best get cracking on them while little man is still sleeping. Nighty night

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