Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Beet my heart skipped

In the weeks running up to our big day Wednesday nights evolved into maids nights here at Oakbank. Left free in our diaries, frantic googling and making occurred (blog post 'Make Our Day' to follow) in what remained of the evening after eating some delicious meals.
I used quite a few of these sessions to work my way through various marked recipes from my cook books for our tea. It seemed a good exchange for the girls expertise, easing my guilt about them having to put up with my 'bridezilla' outbursts.
I won't bore you with all the recipes but here was one which we had twice as it was so bloomin tasty. Hugh Fernley Whittingstalls Baby Beetroot Tart Tatin. A good 'hands free for drinking/ leave in the oven' dish, perfect for evenings with the girls. I was quite excited selecting and preparing the beets, their colour (even before halved) is quite unlike any other root veg I've used....

I'd never cooked with beetroot before, it's my pickle of choice and I'd struggled to imagine how it might taste slowly roasted in it's own juices, turned out on a pastry base, scattered with feta and drizzled with dressing. That struggle was over in an hour or so and with scrumdiddlyumtious results and full belly's all round!

Beware though, what happens the next day is quite remarkable. We were so genuinely shocked by what we saw when we went to the loo that alarmed texts were flying around saying ''pink poo!!''

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