Sunday, 17 June 2012


Today is Fathers Day, a day made up by card companies to make money. I won't help card companies succeed in their plan but I think it only right that Dads get the recognition they deserve by having their own special day too. Joel made a fantastic card for Mr B, with my help, he folded, stuck, scribbled and dotted. Here are the results..
One masterpiece

One very mucky, happy boy

Joel would have never been smiling like this if we'd have spent that time in a card shop, plus the money we saved on the card can buy 'choc choc' (Joels favourite thing to shout about), even more smiles. Well he is his fathers son.

We stuck to the the traditional and inexpensive gift of socks and beer, we felt happy with our selection of M&S British Ales (there was even one brewed specially for the jubilee) and they all had these lovely Jack bottle tops. I might have to chivvy Mr B along in drinking these so I can create something out of the tops.

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