Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Mini-Moon (part one)

Wey hey hey, Weymouth rules!

A little over two weeks ago we were married, it feels both ages ago and just yesterday. We are still finalising our wedding photo selection so to keep you up to speed here is our mini moon in pictures (and the odd bit of writing)
We'd both loved the idea of being waved off from our celebrations by our nearest and dearest but it would have meant missing out on our night do and by hanging on a week meant we got a full weeks holiday starting with razzing it down to Bournemouth for five nights by the sea......

Lovely Westbourne shops

Gorgeous house in Lyme Regis, there's something so whimsical about symmetrical houses

You snooze you win!

Poole harbour, where they build amazing boats for the rich folk

The sun shone every day, we were so happy, it was like falling in love again

Alum Chine vintage beach huts, miles better than the posh modern Wayne Hemmingway ones down the road

Lulworth Cove is the cutest little place, check out this shack shop, we could run one of those! 

Vintage style tourism tiles in Poole museum

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