Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Mini-Moon (part two)

Once we had filled all our shoes, forever, with sand we headed on up to the lovely Roman City of Bath for four days of.....

A florists shop which was just a couple of metres deep as it was part of the old bridge, hence on a good day half their stock being outside

Joel met a siamese cat in the garden, it meowed at him so he started telling it all about the lights and plants in the garden

Toast your own breakfast at Bertinets

That days fresh meringues, the size of your face!

The holiday appartment was all jubilee'd up for us

Baths impressive weir

Slap bang in the middle of all the hustle and bustle was Bath Abbey, it had incredible architectuure

This small ''choo choo'' caused us no end of fuss, Joel spotted it as soon as we arrived at Longleat, however it didn't run until half an hour later. Try as we might to distract him with otters, monkeys, merecats and chipmunks ALL he wanted to do was ride this train. Boys only have eyes for things that go!

Once again in Postman Pat Land, the lifesize mechanical models of the entire cast and village had nothing over this 50p ride at the entrance!

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