Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Mini-Moon part three and the Jubileeeeee!

On our last day in Bath the nations Diamond Jubilee celebrations commenced....

Literally the view from our front door

Vintage sets

Old style banners, twenty or so dining tables and all the chairs they could find.

Dress code was of course Red, White and Blue with a smile

We had a day to re-coupe and prepare for our own impromptu celebrations, well we couldn't let sixty years go by with no knees up (despite having just organised a DIY wedding and just landed from our mini moon!) We love hosting!

My new arty addiction is glass pens, we used them for our table plans at the wedding and so I used them on our lounge windows for 'weather proof' bunting.

Cute eh!

Much like the last night of the summer holidays our mooning is over, we finished it off with a pub tea 'in', exactly what we would have ordered if we'd been out; egg and cress butties with chunky chips, washed down with our favourite beer. Eaten on our laps in front of the fire (oh yes the weather turned)

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