Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A year ago in pictures

I decided a few weeks back that it was high time I got around to making our wedding album, given that we sadly live in an era where we no longer automatically print our photos but instead have them on disc, memory sticks, facebook etc this was probably not such an unusually long delay.

I couldn't find an album which was quite right, most were pretty schmaltzy or dull and just didn't fit with the colourful exciting images we had to go inside. So I bought one the right size and covered it with fabric, the same lovely design that our bridesmaids dresses were made of. The remnants I had were funny shapes, due to the dresses having full circle skirts, so I had to join three pieces together, however I really like the effect that gave.

The front and back inside pages were spares so I could glue them down over the fabric edges for a more finished look. I decorated these pages with our save the date stamp, repeating the cover fabrics pink and yellow colour combination.

I chose a traditional style album with tissue interleaves and used black photo corners to mount the pictures. I included our invite designed by artist Jill Wignall, and the beer label and mats designed by Mr B.

I'm really pleased with the finished book, it's a real treasure. It's nice to have a physical album of the day and it's already doing the rounds of our relatives who aren't online.

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