Sunday, 19 May 2013

Tractor Times

Today was a special day on our calender, our first wedding anniversary. 19th May 2012 truly was the best day of our lives (bar Joels birth) and I just can't believe a whole year has passed.

This morning we exchanged small gifts, Mr B got me some cool bird plates (think I've said before he ALWAYS gets me good presents) and I got him a CD he had enjoyed listening to on a friends iPod over our Christmas break.

We planned a nice trip out to a Vintage Tractor and Steam Rally, of course Joel loved it!

Old style, without a cab

If only the farmer had left a key

"It's six o'clock, Mummy"


'Same' face

Tiny boy x

Back to front trike

One guys collection of old models, carefully arranged into a working day

So much activity but no touching!

Tractor was one of Joels first words and some eighteen months on they still make his day!

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