Friday, 10 May 2013

Wish we were there

Since I last blogged I have got a job (Joel calls it "Clever Mummys little job") we had a family holiday for a whole ten days and also have an allotment opposite our house awaiting some crops. How exciting eh!
The holiday was one of those where you feel like you need another holiday straight after, I think its always like that when you have children, theres no sign of any rest or relaxation when little folk are around. The change of scene and time together as a family was most welcome though.

We stayed in sunny Dorset and managed to hook up with our good pals Lisa and Margot for the first three days of our stay. We visited Swanage and went on a windswept playground by the sea

Took a trip on a steam train (choo choo) to Corfe Castle

Where we found a model village, of Corfe itself! One day I would love to make a model village of where I live.

The extensive gardens were great for children and adults with nooks and corners to explore, garden games and picnic spots.

Another day we visited Peppa Pig World, for those of you who don't know Peppa is an annoying, bossy pig with mass appeal to toddlers. It was a very well thought out theme park and it felt like you were actually in one of the cartoons while you were there.

However trauma struck at the front of a long queue when Joel was unable to go on a Dinosaur ride due to height restrictions. Its bothered him since and he has shed many a tear over it (we all did actually) The designated height is now marked on the kitchen wall with a dinosaur along with the promise of a go on it when he is tall enough.
Despite this we had a fantastic time and Joel got to meet Peppa herself! Que dodgy photo taken in a mum scrum...

From one world to another; Monkey World was another great outing. We had visited before but in winter and when Joel was tiny. Its the most amazing animal sanctuary. All their monkeys are rescued from sad lives, usually mistreated as pets (a trade which is not illegal) leaving them with lasting mental and physical damage. In the sanctuary they can live out their days in a fantastic purpose built environment. Check out the baby Orangutan, she was supposed to be hidden under the sheet with her Mum but kept dashing out to say hello to the onlookers and play with the other adults. Every now and then an extra long arm would come out of the sheet and pull her back under.

Joel loved it, especially the amount of outdoor climbing available. At the far end of the sanctuary it opened out into huge playing/picnic fields with an enormous climbing area, like nothing we'd seen before. Super high and pretty difficult Joel made short work of it with his chimp like moves (and a bit of Daddy help) All worth it for a go in a super fast bendy slide! I wonder what the monkeys made of them?

Climbing was somewhat of a theme, every time we went back to the flat (in an uber cool 1960s apartment block) Joel 'had' to climb up the ornate balustrade, shouting up the stairs "just leave the door open for me".

Hot pebbles under our feet on Lyme Regis beach.

I love the architecture there, check out the hexagonal slate tiles on the front of this house!

Love is................. The Donkey Sanctuary at Sidmouth.

The highlight of Lulworth Castle for Joel was this Postman Pat charity box, no really it was.

That and playing quoits in the castle gardens. Check out the views of Lulworth cove in the background, it was the most idyllic setting.

Hide and Seek ruled as the new game to play at any time

There were two of these lions in Bournemouth gardens, we told Joel they were sleeping and to be very careful not to wake them, however, Joels philosophy is that you haven't seen something unless you've climbed it.

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