Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Post and Present

A while ago I accepted a challenge; to make something for five of my Facebook friends. Part of the deal was they made something for five people too, I was one of the five people lucky enough to make it onto our friend Cats 'to do' list. So today this love filled little lot landed on our doorstep.

The very fact that "Pat" (the name Joel gives to every postman/woman) pushed a parcel through our letter box thrilled him but then inside was a handwritten card, a dolly picture and a chunky twig pencil all for him. He's been asking me to write 'J's' with it this evening for him.

What a delight to receive this handmade light pull. Felted heart shapes and wooden cubes alternate down to a dark wood ring pull looped with strands of fabric. I loves it!!

I have so far only made plans for my special five things but am going to pull my finger out now and get making for real, watch this space for the results.

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