Friday, 31 May 2013

Simple Pleasures

Joels help in the garden, "a pile for you Mummy"

In just over a year Joel starts school, he will be amongst the youngest in his year turning four a mere five weeks before term starts. I cant imagine how I'm going to feel when the time comes but right now it feels like a panicky tick tock Countdown clock is starting up inside my head. I'm trying not to get flustered but I want to make sure we do lots of nice things together, we always have as this blog is testament to, but now he is at an age where he will get more from the experiences (and hopefully some memories) than he has in the past.

A big part of this is celebrating the simple pleasures in life; we made a wigwam using canes, string, pegs and a 1960s sheet. He loves it and asked for his picnic lunch to be served in there.

We have been preparing our allotment for the imminent arrival of our runner beans, courgettes and purple broccoli.

We spent quite some time today watching a snail we found whilst weeding slowly emerging from it's shell. It was a beautiful moment and the longest he has ever sat still in the garden.

We are lucky enough to have a post box at toddler height in the wall near our house, as well as being lucky enough to have a toddler with a Royal Mail obsession!

He tries the handle every time

Joel has started to take more command with Myrtle and loves holding her lead. "Heels" he tells her

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