Monday, 13 May 2013

Dream Kitschen

I've kept these for years, ever since my Granddad died, they have moved house nine times. These samples of Formica worktop had been hanging up in his garage since the 1960s; a proper garage with tools, seedlings and keeping apples wrapped up in brown paper and stacked high in boxes. I remember playing with them as a child during my summer holidays in Wrea Green, my grandparents village; a proper Lancashire village with a dub (duck pond), a cricket team and an annual Field Day (a highlight of my younger years).

I love the way each sample is so delicately thin, like a posh biscuit, and they make a nice clickety clattery noise when you try and pick them all up. Each pattern is very stylish, you can imagine 1960s housewives pouring over them, hankering after just a couple of metres of such a dreamy prep space in their kitchen.

This gold speckled pattern is called Sequin, available in Black, Red (pencilled on the sample are the dimensions required for the Wrea Green Institute bar) and Mushroom. I imagine the sales pitch; Let the glitz and glamour of the ballroom breath elegant rhythm into your veg prep, 'Cha Cha Chop'

The mosaic pattern is called Capri; Echoes of jet bound ventures to holiday islands, transporting you while you task to warm climates and early evening cocktails.

I think I'll keep them forever, just because.

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