Thursday, 15 July 2010

Antique shopping in the GB aisles

On Monday I went to this really cool antiques place in Lancaster called GB Antiques, you pay £1.50 to look round the most massive of junk/antique shops and it's divided up into loads of unmanned stalls. People sell their stuff through them, kind of like a huge agency. It's really good and is full of all sorts of strange stuff.

I had to remain pretty focused as I had furniture to find. Namely two chests of drawers; one for the nursery which needed to be suitable for changing on and one for our bedroom which needed to be made from dark wood. However I did stop to take pictures of some of their wares.

Like these strange ceramic creatures, I'm not sure which one is weirdest but I know collectively positioned at head height they made a terrifying sight.

There was a great old radio/record player. I love the way the dial has got specific regions on it each next to a dot, like they are the names of planets and this is some map of the radio solar system.

There was a brilliant stall of old kitchen stuff too, there was everything you need to deck out your whole kitchen in vintage. It was all very neatly organised.

This massive tapestry of Henry VIII will have taken someone a long time to complete. They must have been really into the tudors!

I was mulling over this great 1960's Make your Own Soft Toys book. I wish I'd bought it now, just for the comedy value of some of the toys. Check out the bandy legs on this unlikely pair!

This set of old mahogany office filing drawers made me imagine how nice it must have been being a secretary in the 1950's, filing papers away in such lovely furniture. Much nicer than the noisy metal ones which our dull office spaces are filled with these days.

Right at the back I found the chest for the nursery, in need of a little TLC but all in all a good solid purchase to last us through the years. It had the perfect 'Waltons meets Moomins' look about it. I also managed to find a nice chest for our bedroom too.

And so the nursery gets one step closer to completion!

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