Saturday, 24 July 2010

Ta very much Margaret

I'm a day over our due date today, trying not to think about it too much. Babies come out when they are ready and we wouldn't want that any other way really. So I'd best catch you up on this weeks activities, which contrary to everyones advice hasn't been sitting and doing nowt.

I've been making some bright orange curtains for the nursery. We found it impossible to find some fabric which was a strong enough shade without being too terracotta or sienna. In the end we managed to find a large bedspread in the Habitat sale which was self patterned with a check effect and was just the perfect shade for what we needed.
On Wednesday I finally got around to starting on the curtains, I'd been slightly putting it off as it was a bit of a mammoth job as they are full length and the fabric is pretty thick. The kitchen table became my workshop for the next two days (don't you just love kitchen tables for that).
Joey was on hand to help by making a nest in the fabric as I tried to feed it through my machine, as you can see there's not much wrong with him now these days.

Only trouble was half way through I ran out of orange thread. Now this wouldn't have normally been a problem on any other sewing project, as despite living int' country and not having the car that day I could have just waited untl the next day to buy some but given that I am in the grasps of a nesting process the curtains simply 'had' to be finished that day.
Then I remembered Margarets tin of bobbins, could there possibly be a similar shade in there which I could use? It was worth a look, despite the cotton being about the brightest orange available to man (not exactly a shade conjucive to Margarets wardrobe)
So I managed to locate the tin amongst my hoards of fabrics and haberdashery. I couldn't believe my luck, there it was the exact shade and brand I'd been stitching with, Sylko- Flame!

Sold to Margaret, then sat in a tin to eventually make my day some thirty years later. The curtains are now finished (yet to be hung) and I can't thank Margaret enough for her help.


  1. what a funny coincidence! Glad yo now have the curtains finished!x

  2. Don't keep us in suspenders ... Photo of the nursery please!.... Also, who is Margaret?...x


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