Sunday, 4 July 2010

Not just a shower.

After what seems like a social calender blackout for some months now, I have to report that I had the most exciting, lovely and tiring time in a long while last weekend.
My very good friend Jill organised and threw us a baby shower to send us off into the world of parenthood with the full backing of those we love most. We were a little nervous about it as showers are a fairly new thing over here but I think well worth it, why should such a monumental event go unmarked for the parents to be. I had lots of people asking 'what happens?' 'what do we do?' but I left them all in Jills capable hands.
It was quite simply a brilliant event, as all Jills events are. She really is the 'hostess with the mostest' and so many of our guests commented to me what a fantastic time they'd had.

It was great to see such a mix of people, I'd sent Jill the guest list a few weeks back knowing quite a few people on it didn't know each other but took the view 'well it's about time they did' and what better way to get to know each other than at a party! So often people tailor guests lists to the imagination of what it'll be like rather than chucking everyone in the mix and thinking 'if they are all friends of ours then they will all get on'.

The decorations were all in citrus colours which is funny because that ties in with our nursery. Jill and her helpers made tissue pom poms and bunting to adorn the new kitchen creating the perfect 'ohh ahh' effect.

The spread (Lancashire saying for food) was beyond belief and featured the very best of savoury and sweet. Mr B was pleased to see a 'proper' salad.

Louies Grandmas 'Cut it and Come Again' cake and her Raspberry Fluff cakes went down a treat on the pudding table.

We played 'Guess the Baby' and I won a packet of hankercheifs.

We also played Bingo, I got House and won a plastic duck and two small zoo animals. Jill sent everyone home with a jar of special tea from London to say thank you for coming, what a lovely thought.

All in all it was splendid day and it was so nice to see everyone before our lives change forever. Everyone had contributed some advice/anecdotes/quotes to a book for Mr B and I. They were all really good and made us smile. I'll leave you with our very good friend Michaels contribution.

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