Sunday, 4 July 2010

Not even a shower

So last Sunday despite being absolutely pooped from our fantastic party we bid an early morning farewell to Jill and Michael and headed off to Old Trafford to watch England V Australia in a One Day International in the midst of a heatwave, we couldn't have had better weather.
It was my first ever live sporting event and I'm so glad we managed to go before the baby is born, we had planned to see a football match last season as Mr B's home town Burnley had made it into the Premiership but as my morning sickness lasted until February that didn't ever happen.
I'll sumarise the game, which I am not familier with. Australia were first to bat and managed 212 runs by lunch time (they don't actually run back and forth that many times, they get different amounts depending on how far they hit it)

I think I missed almost every wicket (someone getting knocked out) due to things like crowd distractions, stretching my legs, looking at someones pie and taking a photo of Mr B (as shown below)

Anyway they replay them on a big screen so you can get the best of both worlds. Sometimes I clapped at the wrong time too. Although I was pleasantly struck by the fact that good play on the part of the oponant is acknowledged by the crowd. Mr B said the fans are alot less vitriolic than those at football matches.

England then took an excrutiating three and a bit hours in the hottest sun to beat them, managing it on their final batsman! It was nail bittingly close and I really loved every minute of it, though I did need to take an hours break from our seats due to the sun getting unbearably hot around 4pm. The whole place was upstanding and cheered for our boys. It was great!!

It's a shame that we didn't do as well in the football. Needless to say the pubs giant flag had been taken down within an hour of the game finishing.

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