Sunday, 18 July 2010

Building nests in drawers.

As I've been getting tired quite early my stints at our Wednesday night crafting gathering, Knit Natter Stitch and Chatter, have been a little irregular of late. This week I managed to make it and worked on a small sewing project of adding vintage motifs to some newly washed baby grows

I'm really pleased with the results, simple yet distinctive with a hint of nostalgia. Best of all is I can re-use the motifs when the grows have been outgrown. I just need to keep my eyes peeled for some more nice motifs.

Having washed all the clothes I felt that putting them in the new chest of drawers might make them smell a bit of old wood, losing their line dried lovelyness. I considered getting some drawer liners but was certain they are fragranced with nasty chemicals which whilst our skin can handle such exposure wrinkly new new skin wouldn't. So instead I bought a wallpaper batchend from Laura Ashley and some loose lavender. Mum helped with this last bit of nesting by cutting the paper to size and lined the drawers whilst I sat at the sewing machine and ran up some lavender bags in various sizes. Lavender has a lovely soothing quality in aromatherapy so aswell as making baby clothes and bedding smell lovely it will have a relaxing and calming effect.

Here's the clothes all neatly folded and socks paired, ready to have our baby in them. I doubt these drawers will look quite so neat and tidy once the baby arrives.

There's only five days to go until our due date and I feel so ready to be a mum, not just because of all these jobs getting done but the mental preperation that's been taking place whilst completing them. I can see how nesting is a very valid process and not just a bizarre impulse. It's important to trust your insticts and if something needs doing then do it, no matter how trivial it may seem, because chances are it's that time to think and reflect which is what's called for rather than the actual task itself.

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