Thursday, 8 July 2010

Recycling and spin cycling.

Since finishing work I've been such a busy bee, perhaps a bit too busy. So yesterday and today I've taken things a bit easier, nesting rather than dam building.

Mum had hung onto two double cotton duvet covers which had become so thin with washing that they where seperating at the seams, perfectly soft for baby bedding. In addition to these over the last few weeks Myrtle had been quite naughty and managed to rip up three bed sheets in a rage at being left on her own (one time for just 30 minutes) So yesterday mum and I set to transforming the stacks of white cotton into cot sheets and carry cot sheets. Mum measured and cut whilst I hemmed on the machine.

We managed to make six cot sheets (hemmed in purple) and five smaller carry cot sheets (hemmed in green). I thought it'd be useful to be able to look in the linen cupboard and see what fitted what by colour coding the stitching.

The scraps that are left over I plan to hem up (in bright pink) into cotton squares for feeding, burping etc. All mums say 'you can never have enough cotton squares!'. I haven't worked out how much money it's saved us but it's certainly saved some landfill.

I've also been busy getting all the baby clothes washed in non bio and line dried in anticipation of a tiny warm yummy smelling body going in them in just two weeks time. Aparently drying clothes in sunlight kills off bacteria, which is why they smell so good no doubt.

Just look at these socks, they are so small.

To think there's a pair of teeny tiny wrinkly little unused feet wriggling inside me right now which are going to wear those socks very soo.

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