Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Likes peas in a pod.

I've made our baby it's first homemade toy. A pea pod from felt. It's really tactile and he/she will be able to poke his/her fingers inbetween each of the peas. Lovely.

I want to make sure he/she doesn't grow up with any weird vegetable phobias so I figured introducing vegetables and fruit in a fun way via toys/patterns/colours and stories will help them feel excited rather than aprehensive when presented with something new to eat after just having milk for the first few months of their life.
I made it at a monthly craft club some of us Knit Natterers went to called Wool & Stuff. They showed us how to make really neat tight felt balls from fleece which are really versatile. Next I want to make a carrot, so I'm stitching the carrot top, funny how that's the nickname for people with red hair but a carrot top is actually green.

I'm only 16 days off the due date, my maternity leave started last Thursday and I don't think I've really stopped since then. Everyone says 'rest up' and 'relax' but I'm so excited/scared/behind on craft and DIY projects I just can't sit and do nothing.
We are hoping to have the nursery finished this weekend, yes that's right it's not finished yet!! So I'll show you what we've done.

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  1. you're amazing:-) wish I'd thought of that whilst MINE were still babies...


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